Pacific Quay

Pacific Quay in Glasgow forms part of the largest regeneration project ever to take place in Scotland. To dat, well over £200million has been invested in Pacific Quay by the public and private sectors to regenerate the former shipyards and bring the River Clyde back into the life of Glasgow.  

Pacific has taken at least ten years to reach its current vibrant state where it has critical mass and a clear vision, mainly due to conflicting vision driven by a complex ownership structure, which has been recently simplified. nmp have been involved in the project since 2000 and Danny Meaney is retained as an advisor to the project.

  • Undertook a feasibility and business planning study to build a film and TV studio on site
  • We were retained by the BBC to negotiate on their behalf to secure compensation to assist with the mitigation of business disruption connected with such a major relocation. A new bridge was built across the river to make access to the new site easier for their existing workforce and significant contributions to the ICT infrastructure
  • Part of the team to develop the specification for the BBC studios which are currently the most advanced studios in Europe
  • nmp undertook a study that defined the management structure, revisited the vision and critical path of key infrastructure investments. We successfully achieved buy in from government and industry and major technology infrastructure companies
  • We then undertook a demand study to forecast the uptake of the existing and planned range of accommodation and make recommendations about the requirements for key features and benefits required to secure uptake across the ladder of accommodation
  • Reshaped the vision and made recommendations of how to extend the geographical boundaries of the site, redefine the occupier framework, improve the transport infrastructure, drive footfall and "stitch" the development into the city
  • Recently retained as the project adviser or "integrator" to drive negotiations and secure deals

Pacific Quay is now widely seen as being at a tipping point where critical mass is within reach and is becoming a sought after media business location.